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Webber Family Page
 When brother Mike sent word of his September trip to Wisconsin with a planned visit to Oshkosh to see Butch and Jo Koch, I suggested a side trip to New London to reconnoiter the final resting places of Amos, Alice, and other Webber and Millard ancestors. I did a web search and found a website for New London ( which provided a wealth of information about our more recent ancestors.  I was able to locate burial plots for many and suggested that Mike try to visit as many of them as he could while in the area.

 I also sent an e-mail to the New London City Manager who responded by putting me in touch with the museum curator and others who were extremely helpful. She met with Mike, Mary, Butch, and Joe when they visited.  The museum apparently had photos and other items of Grandpa Webber’s grandfather Ira Millard, one of New London’s founders and the maker of the little leather trunk I have which contains the letters I provided in my Snow Mountain Ranch info and updated in “The Webber Reader” disk I sent to most of you last Christmas. Others e-mailed me to provided additional information and volunteered to research death information I might want confirmed.  In any case, I suggest you take a look at their web site and let them know if you have time to pay them a visit as they certainly seem to be very friendly and helpful.

Mike has sent me digital photos of some of the graves visited in the New London as well as pictures of the Wentland family plot in Berlin, Wisconsin.  I have posted and identified some of them for your viewing pleasure below.

Butch and Jo Koch and Mary Webber at Memorial Planting and close-up of Plaque
The Webber Family Plot in New London

Photos of the Millard (Millerd) House, in

New London, Wisconsin

Photos of the Wentland Family Plot in

Berlin, Wisconsin

Alice Millard Webber

Adelia Prescott Webber
Born 1837 Died 1866

Amos Agustus Webber

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