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Book Review
Apple Confidential:
The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc.
By Owen W.  Linzmayer
No Starch Press, San Francisco, CA
© 1999 by the Author    $17.95 ($27.95 Canada)

According to the June 7, 1999 date stamped in the book and the blank "due date" label on back of the book I picked up at the Baltimore County Public Library on June 21, 1999—I was the first borrower. I returned it about the same time on June 23, 1999, went home, washed my hands and wrote this review. Yes, I read the book.

Author Linzmayer‘s choice of the name "No Starch Press" is appropriate. He reveals Apple Computers dirty laundry in 224 pages covering it’s April Fools Day founding by partners Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniack, and Ronald G. Wayne through the release of Mac OS 8.5 and the financial success of the IMac and Apple in 1998.

In addition to the names of people over, under, and in Apple Computer(s) he points out that politics is not the only arena filled with strange bedfellows. Including John Scully’s and Steve Jobs close association with the Clinton campaign. Thankfully there was no "Monica." 

With Chapters like: The Forgotten Founder, What Were They Thinking?, Macintosh Insiders, Big Bad Blunders, Windows: What Went Wrong?, Trademark Tiffs, and Happily Ever Apple? there truly is something for everyone. The author includes a timeline of Apple’s Products on pages 99-104 and utilizes this tool to help the reader follow the products, players, and problem in chronological order. He uses photos, quotes, and clarification by industry leaders throughout the text to aid in following the context of the contents.

At first glance it seems like a compilation of facts and figures from years of product catalogs but the text is filled with details and dirt you never knew—and many you didn’t want to know. It is certainly not "War and Peace" but could be described as war and pieces of the history of Apple Computer. I really enjoyed it.


Steve Webber, June 23, 1999

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