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Contributions to
Seeds and Stems
Published by the Maryland Apple Corps

Microsoft Office for OS X (July 2002-October 2003)
The Microsoft File: The Secret Case Against Bill Gates 
by Wendy Goldman Rohm-A Book Review 6/30/1999
Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc.
by Owen W. Linzmayer-A Book Review 6/23/1999
“A major error was found in the Volume Header Block,” But my heart is in the right place: A Review of Norton Utilities V4.0
May/June 1999 Issue
Spell Catcher: A Review of Version 1.5.9 Published March/April Issue 1999
“Excuse me, I’m trying to log on using Internet Explore in Windows 95 on my Macintosh-can you help me?” A Review of Virtual PC 1.0 for the Power Macintosh March/April 1998
Production Basics for New Publishers


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